The term skin rejuvenation can cover different topics. Some might think of skin rejuvenation as using a topical ointment or cream that might even out skin tone. Others may think of skin rejuvenation as serums that are injected into the epidermis. Both of these and more can be thought of as rejuvenating the skin and as part of an overall skin rejuvenation program. In the world of lasers, however, skin rejuvenation is the result of using laser and light technologies to treat a number of problems.

For example, if fine lines have you worried when you look in the mirror you might benefit from a laser or light based therapy such as Pixel Perfect ™ form Alma Lasers. With Pixel Perfect ™ tiny micro-wounds are made in the area being treated. This micro-injury is where the real magic of skin rejuvenation can occur. While it’s a complicated biological process, the nutshell explanation is that the laser light triggers natural, physical reactions that can decrease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

The real benefit to the consumer is that Pixel Perfect™ can have dramatic effects without the ongoing hassle of ointments and creams or the discomfort associated with other treatments protocols. Depending on the laser used for a Pixel Perfect™ treatment, your downtime can be as short as a couple of days. This creates a real win for the skin rejuvenation consumer.

As an additional benefit, the skin’s overall tone and texture can be improved at the same time. This makes Pixel Perfect ™ an ideal treatment option for someone addressing a single concern but hoping for a high value. In other words, the Pixel Perfect ™ treatment offers skin rejuvenation consumers a high value path for total skin rejuvenation. Is it the right treatment for you? Find your provider today and  discuss your aesthetic goals – chances are you’re about to feel a whole lot better when you’re facing the mirror.