“I’m an Alma Lasers junkie and I can’t wait to get my next fix!”

Alma Lasers, the company that introduced virtually painless laser hair removal to the marketplace via Pain-Free, Hair-Free™, is now revolutionizing skin rejuvenation. We’re proud to announce the iPixel, the latest innovation in treating fine lines, sun damage, scaring and the rough skin texture that accompanies aging.

So what’s so great about the iPixel? More important, is it the right treatment for you? The iPixel rests on two small wheels. It is rolled across the skin to trigger the laser therapy. This method provides the operator with increased treatment precision. In turn, this can help you to achieve a superior outcome.

Deciding whether iPixel – or any skin rejuvenation treatment, for that matter – is right for you depends on many factors. Perhaps the biggest is what you would like to accomplish with the treatment? In other words, what is your goal? If fine lines, wrinkles, rough skin and accumulated sun damage are making you look older than you feel than skin rejuvenation and iPixel may be the right treatment for you. Likewise, if the acne of years ago left you with some scars, iPixel and Pixel Perfect may be the perfect treatment for you.

While Pixel Perfect and the new iPixel technology may be the right solution for you, your best bet is to talk openly with your provider. It’s important to understand all of the options, their associated downtimes (if any) and how that impacts your day to life. Find your provider today.