Here’s a great story about fractional laser treatment from the New York Post. It’s a short piece that features our Pixel Q-Switch, a non invasive laser for skin rejuvenation. Here it is:

We’re passionate about fractionated lasers. We’re more passionate, however, about helping you achieve the kind of look you want. Whether you’re hoping to soften the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles or simply to do something about loose, saggy skin you can consider laser treatments as a solution. It’s important to know however that not all fractionated lasers are created equal. Anyone who tells you otherwise may have purchased the cheapest fractional, or sort of fractional, device that they could find. Sad, we know.

The Pixel Q-Switch brings non ablative technology to the business of looking beautiful. As far as innovation goes, it’s quite an accomplishment. But what does this mean for a consumer?

  • A fast treatment, one lunch hour is usually sufficient
  • Virtually painless procedure
  • No downtime due to punctured skin or redness.

Is the Pixel Q Switch the right treatment for you? It depends on the condition of your skin and other factors. Ablative treatments using Erbium or CO2 lasers offer benefits that you might find appealing. It’s best to consult your Alma Lasers practitioner and be honest about what you want to achieve. You can find that practitioner right here – fractionated laser treatments.

Cosmetic laser professionals looking to provide the best options for patients can contact Alma Lasers for additional information.