Skin resurfacing with fractional lasers has helped many people reverse the signs of aging. Unlike topical creams, laser skin resurfacing works deep in the underlying tissues to fight those fine lines and wrinkles and the uneven skin tone that often accompanies growing older. Fractional laser treatments can even reduce the appearance of acne scaring. This popular and long accepted technology has normally been ablative; meaning that some portion of the top layer of skin is deliberately damaged. Some people, however, wish to avoid all ablative procedures. With those folks in mind, Alma Lasers is happy to introduce the new, non-ablative Pixel Q-Switch:

The Pixel Q-Switch

The revolutionary Pixel Q-Switch delivers a controlled, pixilated wound at the proper depth without harming the overlying epidermis. What does this mean for the aesthetic patient? Easy answer – the benefits of skin remodeling occur under the protection of a complete epidermis. In other words, the Pixel Q-Switch allows for fractional laser resurfacing in a non-ablative manner.

Is the new non-ablative Pixel Q-Switch the right skin resurfacing technology to make you Pixel Perfect™? It depends on your aesthetic goals, the condition of your skin and the specific concerns you have. One thing’s for certain, you won’t find this non-ablative laser technology just anywhere. It is exclusive to Alma Lasers professionals. So talk to a fractional laser provider who can not only answer your questions but help you make an informed decision. Don’t  put off reclaiming your youthful glow any longer.

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